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Environmental, Health and Safety Technology

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
MTH107  Industrial Math
ENG124  College Composition
BIO126  Science, Energy, & the Environment (lab)
CHM121  Gen., Org., & Bio Chemistry I (lab)
ENV123 OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety or ENV165 OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety
CHM122  Gen., Org., & Bio Chemistry II (lab)
ENV164  Sustainable Green Building Technology
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
ENV121  Regulations & Compliance
ENV124  Transportation Haz Mat Training
ENV228  Health & Safety
ENV223  Basic Geology/Hydrology
ENV224  Air Sampling, Analysis, and Control
GIS123  Maps and Map Reading
Arts & Humanities Elective
GIS231  Geographic Information Systems
ENG221  Technical Report Writing
ENV225  Solid and Hazardous Waste Sampling, Analysis and Management
ENV226  Water Sampling, Analysis and Control
ENV222  Industrial Processes and Pollution Control
Technical Elective


The associate of applied science degree in environmental, health and safety (EHandS) technology prepares students to apply their skills in science, engineering, communication and economics to issues affecting the environment. This includes such issues as the quality of air, water and land. Other areas include workplace safety, environmental regulation and compliance and various environmental systems.

Environmental career fields include data collection, instrumentation, regulation, health and safety, natural resources, waste minimization and pollution prevention.

Additionally, the EHandS technician is in demand with a vast array of manufacturing firms.

The program has been developed with ongoing input from an advisory committee of industry experts to ensure the curriculum includes the knowledge and skills needed in business and industry. Graduates of Stark State’s EHandS technology program will be uniquely qualified to meet the needs of both the private and public sectors as they face growing EHandS regulation and concern.

A graduate of this program will receive an associate of applied science degree in EHandS technology.