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Technical Communications

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
ENG124  College Composition
COM122  Interpersonal Communication
Communication Elective
Mathematics Elective
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
ENG231  College Composition II
Social Science Elective
Basic Science Elective
ENG221  Technical Report Writing
ENG227  Writing for Media
Technical Elective
ENG125  Technical Editing and Layout
ENG126  Technical Grammar and Style
COM223  Interviewing I
Basic Science Elective
Arts & Humanities Elective
ENG228  Writing for the Web
ENG229  Grant Writing
ENG250  Technical Communications Internship
Social Science Elective
Technical Elective


The technical communications program at Stark State College prepares students for a career in the diverse and growing field of technical communications. Curriculum is designed to cover a wide breadth of requirements, including the ability to write clearly, edit and design technical documents, as well as to expose students to courses in a variety of disciplines. These requirements include a thorough grounding in technical writing, as well as a focus on the communicative skills necessary to succeed in a career as a communications professional.

Graduates who earn an associate of applied science in technical communications may be employed in computing, biotech, manufacturing, aviation and medicine, among others, with the option of further pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in communications while maintaining oneself in the workforce. In addition, all graduates serve an internship designed to introduce them to technical writing in the workplace.