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Advising and Student Engagement Assessment


The Advising and Student Engagement Department provides support services through orientation, personalized academic advising, and intervention programs to assist students in becoming self directed learners and achieving their academic goals.  

What we value:  

Professional and personal responsibility

  • We view the advising process as a partnership between students and advisors. A successful advising relationship is one in which both, advisor and advisee, work together in the development of a meaningful educational plan to assist students in achieving their academic goals. 


  • We embrace diversity and honor the uniqueness of every student we serve. We are committed to a culture of trust, respect, and dignity.  

Collaboration for student success

  • Advising is vital to the success of SSC students and is the responsibility of faculty, students, professional advisors, and administrations. Advising is a shared responsibility and is an integral part of the student’s education experience, advising is teaching.  

Customer Service / student satisfaction / excellence /Accountability

  • We continually pursue improvement and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by monitoring the needs of students and evaluating the effectiveness of our advising and student engagement practices.  


  1. To offer a meaningful orientation experience that will prepare new students for successful transition to college.
  2. To provide developmental academic advising and support services that assists students in achieving their educational goals.
  3. To provide intervention programs for academically “at-risk” students.
  4. To be student-centered and to evaluate our processes regularly to better serve students.