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Human Resources Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BUS121  Business Administration
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
BUS124  Business Analysis with Algebra
ENG124  College Composition
Arts & Humanities Elective
COM121  Effective Communication or ENG230 Business Communication
MGT121  Principles of Management
BUS221  Microeconomics
ACC127  Quantitative Business Statistics
ACC132  Financial Accounting
MGT224  Human Resource Management
MKT121  Principles of Marketing
ACC130  Business Law & Ethics
ACC133  Managerial Accounting
BUS222  Macroeconomics
MTH106  Math for Technology
MGT221  Supervision
MGT223  Business Decision Making
MGT227  Operations Management
Human Resources Business @ a Distance course(s)


The more complex the company, the greater its need for trained human resources professionals. This major delivers both the basic skills from our management program and the more specialized skills involved in talent management, succession planning, diversity awareness and corporate culture development. This program is designed for future human resource specialists who want to further improve their management skills.

The human resources major is offered via the Business @ a Distance Consortium, a collaboration of several Ohio two-year colleges cooperating to deliver web-based business course majors to Stark State’s associate of applied business degree in business management. Member colleges deliver online specialty courses.

Students register for the business management program at Stark State and take the majority of their course requirements just as they would as a traditional student. The student applies for admission to the member college and takes the human resources courses noted on Stark State’s program advising sheet. Once the courses are completed, the student requests that a transcript be sent to Stark State. The online courses are transferred to Stark State and the student is awarded the A.A.B. degree in business management with specialization in the chosen area. For information, contact management and marketing department chair at 330-966-5453.