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Automation and Robotics Technology

Robotics and automation is a growing career field full of choices.

The skills are in demand everywhere in America’s manufacturing, and expanding into nontraditional markets, like hospitals and health care. Other opportunities include building, farming, food processing, homeland security and the military. And then there’s the future, with new jobs that don’t even exist today, but requiring advanced skill sets.

Stark State’s automation and robotics associate degree associate program will give you the high-value skills for career success through hands-on training. You’ll train on Allen/Bradley family PLCs and Fanuc robots learning

  • AutoCad
  • visual basic programming
  • PC repair and maintenance
  • common industrial controls
  • industrial sensor and instrumentation.
  • programming and troubleshooting PLCs
  • setup and programming industrial robotics

The SSC automation and robotics program also offers stackable, one-year certificates that can stand alone or be part of the path to your degree.

And on the other side, you’ll find job opportunities in mining, steel mills, processing plants, oil refineries, power plants, manufacturing, semiconductors, electronics and chemical industries. Your duties could include construction, fabrication, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, calibration, testing and design. You could work with automatic control systems, AC and DC control components, motors, programmable control, microprocessors, computers and robots.

Businesses today are looking for new tools that give them an edge, and robotics and automation are the way to do it. That means this career field – with jobs that don’t move overseas – could be the way to your career success.

Automation and Robotics One-Year Certificate

Stark State offers a one-year technical certificate for the individual who is interested in the field of industrial automation. This certificate will cover equipment and concepts that are widely used in industry for automation, such as, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), CNC Machinery, and Robotics. This certificate will also expose the student to common components and sensors used with automation equipment.

For course descriptions visit here.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
CSE122  Programming Logic and Problem Solving
EET120  DC Circuit Analysis
MST221  Mechanical Drive Components
MTH135  Pre-Calculus
ENG124  College Composition
EET122  AC Circuit Analysis
DET125  Basic AutoCAD
IET223  Computer Numerical Control
CSE229  Visual Basic Development
Arts/Humanities Elective
EET123  Electronic Devices & Circuits
IET228  Introduction to Robotics
EET227  PLC’s & Industrial Controls I
NET120  PC Upgrading & Maintenance
ENG221  Technical Report Writing
AIT221  Advanced CNC Programming
AIT135  Industrial Robotics
EET228  PLC’s & Industrial Controls II
EST222  Industrial Networks
EET263  Industrial Sensors and Advanced Applications
COM123  Small Group Communication
PHY121  College Physics I with Algebra


One-Year Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
MTH125  College Algebra
MST221  Mechanical Drive Components
MST121  Blueprint Reading
CSE122  Programming Logic & Problem Solving
IET228  Introduction to Robotics
IET223  Computer Numerical Control
EST130  Electrical Circuits and Devices
AIT221  Advanced CNC Programming
EET227  Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Industrial Controls I
MST134  Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
AIT135  Industrial Robotics