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Automotive One-Year Career Enhancement Certificate

Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
AUT121  Automotive Technical Skills
AUT122  Automotive Systems and Engine Technology
AUT123  Engine Diagnosis and Major Service
AUT125  Automotive Electrical and Accessory Systems
AUT124  Vehicle Chassis Systems
AUT126  Automotive HVAC Systems
AUT221  Fuel and Emissions Management Systems
AUT223  Advanced Automotive Electronics
AUT227  Computerized Vehicle Control
AUT222  Engine System Performance Diagnosis
AUT225  Automotive Drivetrains I
AUT226  Automotive Drivetrains II
AUT233  Automotive Diagnostic Applications


The automotive technology one-year career enhancement certificate contains the core af the automotive courses that are in the automotive technology associate’s degree program and are structured to quickly prepare students for a productive career in the automotive service and repair industry.

Students successfully completing this program will receive a career enhancement certificate in automotive technology.

Students desiring to obtain an associate degree in applied science in the Automotive and Transportation Department can chose to add the academic courses that are listed in the two-year associate’s degree automotive program.