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Corrections Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
CJS121  Intro to Criminal Justice
SOC121  Sociology
PSY121  General Psychology
ENG124  College Composition
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
CJS129  Corrections
SOC225  Cultural Diversity
SOC222  Juvenile Delinquency
MTH222  Statistics
COM121  Effective Speaking
ENG221  Technical Report Writing
CJS221  Criminology
SWK225  Victimization & Crisis Intervention
PHL122  Ethics
HIS121  U.S. History I
BIO126  Science, Energy, and the Environment (lab)
SOC123  Dynamics of the Family
CJS222  Criminal Law in the U.S
CJS227  Criminal Justice Practicum & Seminar
BIO127  Human Biology (lab)
HIS122  U.S. History II


The associate degree in criminal justice - corrections prepares students for employment in federal, state, and local corrections facilities. Graduates may expect to qualify for entry level positions as corrections officers, parole/probation officers, or investigators and youth counselors.

Background checks are required and submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Students who have been convicted of a felony may not be eligible for enrollment in the associate of arts criminal justice – corrections major.