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Stark State College Seal
For the July 2014 Reaccreditation Review of
Stark State College’s Dental Hygiene Program

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On July 15-16, 2014, The Commission on Dental Accreditation (the Commission) will send a team of dental professionals to review all aspects of Stark State’s Dental Hygiene Program.  This is part of a reaccreditation process that occurs every seven years.
In advance of this visit, the Commission invites comments from interested third-parties including patients, consumers, dental-related agencies, students, faculty and staff, and program administrators.   The following stipulations apply to third-party comments in order for them to be considered:

  • Comments must be received, in writing, by the Commission office no later than sixty (60) days prior to the visit (no later than May 14, 2014).
  • Comments must be signed.
    • Note:  The signature(s) will be removed from the comments prior to forwarding them to the program. 
  • Comments must pertain only to the Standards for Dental Hygiene Education Programs or to policies and procedures used in the Commission’s accreditation process.
    • Note:  For comments not relevant to these issues, the individual will be notified that the comment is not related to accreditation and, where appropriate, referred to the appropriate agency. 

A copy of the Standards for Dental Hygiene Education Programs and/or the Commission’s policy on third-party comments may be obtained by contacting the Commission on Dental Accreditation at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL  60611, or by calling (800) 621-8099 extension 4653.