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Electric Power Utility Technology

Line Worker Technician or Substation Worker Technician Majors

Enrollment and participation in this program is at the sole discretion of the FirstEnergy Corp. For more information about this unique career opportunity, call FirstEnergy at 1-800-829-6801.


For more information,
check out this Power Systems Institute brochure,
call FirstEnergy at 1-800-829-6801 or go to

Program openings are limited.
Applicants will be assessed through
a competitive, multi-step process.


Read more about the program
in the Canton Repository.


The local and regional electric utility industry has experienced a shortage of candidates for employment. Technology and required employee job skills within the electric utility industry are constantly changing; increasing the demand for a skilled workforce. The ultimate goal of the electric utility industry is to attract college level trainees to the electric utility industry. Graduates of the Stark State electric utility technology program can expect to be actively recruited.

This program is designed to give students the advantage required for easy acquisition of desirable long-term employment in the electric utility industry. Graduates of this program will be more employable and be able to command a higher starting wage rate than the typical entry-level employee. The graduating student will also enjoy an increased likelihood of promotion through an enhanced ability to be a productive addition to a company team. The electric power utility technology degree program will prepare graduates for employment opportunities in a variety of electrical fields, with an emphasis in the line worker area. (The overhead line technology curriculum prepares the student for hands-on, transmission support system installation/ maintenance and electrical substation maintenance.)

A graduate of this program will earn an associate of applied science degree.