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Emergency Fire Services Degree

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BIO101  Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
EMS122  Paramedic I
EMS124  Paramedic I Clinical
EMS221  Paramedic II
EMS223  Paramedic II Clinical
ENG124  College Composition
EMS222  Paramedic III
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
PSY121  General Psychology
EMS224  Paramedic IV
MTH125  College Algebra
COM122  Interpersonal Communication
FST228  Firefighter 1 & 2
PHL122  Ethics


The fire service is a noble and gratifying career. Firefighters are called upon to respond to many different situations. The main goals of a firefighter are to save life, protect property, to render humanitarian and special services, and to safeguard the environment. On any given day a firefighter may be called upon to respond to structural fires, car fires, animal rescues, brush fires, childbirth, hazardous materials incidents, water rescue, and more. Firefighters are confronted with challenging situations and must act quickly and decisively to mitigate these incidents to protect the public and themselves from harm. Firefighters are held in high regard by the public they serve. Today’s firefighters are cross trained to also serve as paramedics. A firefighter/paramedic is ready to serve the public at all levels of emergency response.

Stark State College offers an associate in applied science degree of emergency fire services. The level I and II firefighter certification course, EMT, and paramedic certification courses are included within this degree pathway, as well as courses designed to enhance the skills necessary to function as a firefighter/paramedic. 

According to various sections of the Ohio Law and Regulations for Certification and Licensure Boards, persons convicted of any felony will not be accepted into the emergency fire services and the emergency medical services programs at Stark State College. Persons convicted of a misdemeanor may not be accepted into the emergency fire services and emergency medical services programs at Stark State College. For more information, contact the Emergency Fire Services Program Coordinator.

Please be advised that this curriculum could change. Students are required to follow the program curriculum in effect when they begin taking technical courses, not when students are accepted to the College or program.