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Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)

The expanded functions dental auxiliary (EFDA) technology program prepares one for a career as an advanced dental professional employed by private dental offices, dental clinics and public health facilities.

This program is available to students who are interested in learning expanded restorative procedures (how to fill teeth) and are currently Ohio or nationally certified dental assistants (CDA), registered dental hygienists (RDH), or dental hygiene students who have completed a minimum of one year in an ADA accredited degree program.

After two semesters of study and completion of the major courses, students will earn a career enhancement certificate and are eligible to sit for the Ohio EFDA examination offered by the Commission on Dental Testing. If successful on the state’s written and practical exam, and upon registration with the Ohio State Dental Board, a successful applicant will be permitted to use the EFDA initials following their name.

An associate of technical studies in expanded functions dental auxiliary technology may be earned through the completion of additional coursework during three additional semesters of study.

Major courses (DHY226, DHY227) only offer a fall or spring start.

Enrollment in the EFDA program is limited. Admission is offered to eligible applicants on a space available basis. The EFDA program requires a separate application; admission to the College does not automatically mean acceptance into the EFDA program.

For course descriptions visit here.

Associate Degree Course Sequence

DAS225  Dental Morphology for Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary
DAS226  Expanded Dental Assisting I
DAS227  Expanded Dental Assisting II
MTH125  College Algebra
SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BIO101  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
DAS228  Directed Clinical Practice
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
SOC121  Sociology
PSY121  General Psychology
ENG124  College Composition
DAS128  Intro to Dental Anatomy and Terminology
BIO121  Anatomy and Physiology I (lab)
COM121  Effective Speaking
PSY124  Industrial/Organizational Psychology
SOC225  Cultural Diversity
BIO122  Anatomy and Physiology II (lab)
BUS121  Business Administration
ENG230  Business Communication
PHL122  Ethics


Career Enhancement Certificate Course Sequence

DAS128  Introduction to Dental Terminology and Anatomy
DAS225  Dental Morphology for the Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary
DAS226  Expanded Dental Assisting I
DAS227  Expanded Dental Assisting II
DAS228  Directed Clinical Practice