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Gaming Management Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
BUS121  Business Administration
ITD122  Computer Applications for Professionals
BUS124  Business Analysis with Algebra
ENG124  College Composition
MTH124  Statistics
MKT131  Casino Marketing
MGT121  Principles of Management
MGT141  Introduction to Casino Management
ACC127  Quantitative Business Statistics
ACC132  Financial Accounting
MGT221  Supervision
MGT241  Casino Security
ACC133  Managerial Accounting
MGT224  Human Resource Management
COM121  Effective Speaking
BUS222  Macroeconomics
MGT243  Gaming Methods
Arts & Humanities Elective


With rapid growth in Ohio and beyond, a career in the gaming industry is a good bet.

Our new gaming management degree and major is targeted not only to those who work in actual casino operations but it’s also for you if you’re thinking about a career in casino accounting, as professional staff in gaming regulations and control, and as suppliers who will serve the casino industry.

In meeting Ohio’s growing need for gaming service workers, you’ll be ready to work in Ohio’s new casinos that require an around-the-clock skilled workforce in gaming surveillance, card-game supervision, slot machine management, guest services, facility and event management, public relations and other areas.