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Criminal Justice/Homeland Defense One-Year Certificate

Certificate Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
CJS121  Introduction to Criminal Justice
ENG124  College Composition
HLS121  Introduction to Emergency Management
HLS122  Intelligence and Homeland Security
HLS123  Homeland Defense and Crisis Management
COM121  Effective Speaking
PSC121  Political Science
CJS124  Policing
CJS221  Criminology
CJS222  Criminal Law in the United States
HLS221  Terrorism and Homeland Defense
SOC225  Cultural Diversity


Stark State College’s criminal justice/homeland defense one-year certificate is for individuals exploring a career as part of the nation’s defense against terrorism attacks and threats from natural disasters.

Applicants to this program must undergo a background check.  Individuals who have been convicted of a felony, domestic violence, or drug convictions will not be eligible for admission to the criminal justice/homeland defense one-year certificate program.  Application packets are available in the Office of Admissions/Students Services.

Students who successfully complete this certificate program will receive 24 credit hours toward their associate of arts degree in criminal justice – corrections option, or 21 credit hours toward an associate of applied science degree in homeland security information technology (national security preparedness, response, and operations).

Possible job careers include employment with local, state, and federal government agencies.