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Homeland Security Information Technology

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
HLS121  Introduction to Emergency Management
HLS122  Intelligence and Homeland Security
HLS123  Homeland Defense and Crisis Management
NET120  PC Upgrading and Maintenance
CFS136  Principles of Information Security
CFS137  Computer Crime and Investigation
CFS140  Biometric Applications
NET220  UNIX/LINIX Operating Systems
HLS220  Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness
ENG124  College Composition
BIO126  Science, Energy, & the Environment (lab)
CFS256  Disaster Recovery and Incident Planning
CFS257  File Systems Analysis
CFS275  Ethical Hacking
HLS225  Intelligence Analysis
MTH106  Math for Technology
CFS175  White Collar Crime
COM121  Effective Speaking
HLS221  Terrorism and Homeland Defense
SOC225  Culture Diversity


The homeland security technology program will prepare students for employment in the growing field of cyberspace security, and counterterrorism analysis at the level of government, private industry, national and international agencies.

Graduates of the homeland security technology program will be prepared to work in a variety of job settings such as: intelligence analyst, private security, airport custom agent, law enforcement, FBI, Secret Service, customs investigators, special agents, military service, border patrol, counterterrorism analyst , staff analyst, analyst developer as well as working for the international organizations such as UN, Foreign Service Affairs (US Department of State).