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Medical Informatics Major

Associate Degree Course Sequence

SSC101  Student Success Seminar
CPD121  Data Modeling and Database Design
CSE122  Programming Logic and Problem Solving
HIT230  Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.
WDD121  Internet/Intranet Design and Development
CPD122  Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL
CIS126  Fundamentals of Information Systems
HIT123  Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues
ITD105  Computer Applications - Excel
ITD106  Computer Applications - Access
MTH106  Math for Technology
ENG124  College Composition
Arts & Humanities Elective
CIS124  ITIL Foundations
CIS125  Data Analysis and Decision Making
CIS221  Generating Reports for Decision Making
CPD222  Microsoft SQL Server Database
Social Sciences Elective
COM121  Effective Speaking or COM122 Interpersonal Communication or COM123 Small Group Communication
CIS222  Data Acquisition and Analysis
CIS223  IT Project Management
CSE236  Analyzing Software Requirements and Developing Solutions
HIT229  Healthcare Information Systems and Technology


At the intersection of information science, computer science and health care, you'll find medical informatics.

The field focuses on ways to best collect, store, retrieve and put to use the volumes of information required in 21st century health and medicine. Professionals in this field are expert in using computers, clinical guidelines and medical language along with information systems. Managing information is vital in areas such as nursing, clinical care, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, occupational therapy and medical research.

Stark State's associate of applied science in management information systems, medical informatics major readies you for a career as a computing specialist in the medical field. Not only will you have a strong background in both science and computing, you'll have the medical knowledge you need. Whether your title is medical computing specialist, computer analyst, database designer or administrator or computer consultant, you'll be ready for the responsibility of providing computing support to the medical field using existing technology or developing new technology for the future.