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Admissions Assessment


The role of Student Services is to improve access to higher education and to complement the total educational mission of the College.


The vision of Student Services is to be recognized as the leader in attracting and retaining a culturally diverse student body by providing caring and personalized assistance to support our student body in overcoming educational barriers and to provide quality services from point of contact through successful completion of their educational goals and career goals.


Our mission statement is based on a set of values in our programs, activities and structure. 

We profess and value:

Access and Diversity
Admission assistance, respect for cultural diversity and individual uniqueness
Excellence in Service Delivery
Accuracy, integrity, innovation, professionalism, proactive, personalized
Teamwork and Partnerships
Collaboration, cooperative and respectful working relationships
Supportive, fair, proactive
Student Activities
Promote, develop
Welcoming Environment
Inviting, student and family centered, supportive, friendly, warm, courteous

Student Service Goals:

  1. To provide information, academic and career advising, and support services.
  2. To empower students to be self-sufficient in using mystarkstate.
  3. To enhance community and agency partnerships.