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Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Modification Elective

Elective Courses

AUT254  Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Interior Modifications
AUT255  Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Exterior Modifications
AUT256  Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Powertrain Modifications
AUT257  Automotive Aftermarket Vehicle Chassis Modifications


The Stark State College automotive aftermarket elective courses are designed to prepare the student for the fast-growing area of vehicle modifications using aftermarket components and procedures. Students will practice new technical skills while being introduced to the business side of the aftermarket industry. Upon completion of the aftermarket classes listed below, students will be prepared to work at a new or used car dealership’s accessories department, work at an independent or franchised aftermarket shop, or possibly start their own aftermarket vehicle modifications business.

The courses listed below electives to the automotive technology associate degree program (2250). Information on the prerequisite courses listed below can be found on the automotive technology associate degree program (2250) advising sheet.