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Automotive Detailing

Certificate Course Sequence

AUT130  Automotive Safety and Shop Standards
AUT131  Automotive Detailing Business Practices
AUT132  Automotive Exterior Detailing
AUT133  Automotive Interior Detailing
AUT134  Automotive Under-Hood and Under-Car Detailing
AUT135  Advanced Automotive Detailing Techniques
AUT136  Practical Automotive Detailing Applications


The Stark State College Automotive Detailing Elective courses are designed to prepare the student to become a professional automotive detail technician. These courses can be selected as electives to the automotive technology associate degree program (2250).

The curriculum is a blend of classroom theory and extensive hands-on lab assignments that follow the International Detailing Association (IDA) guidelines. Successful completion of these courses will prepare the student to be an industry certified (IDA) automotive detailing technician. Successful completion can also lead to employment opportunities in automotive dealership detailing departments, independent detailing companies, or franchised detailing companies. Students should be able to even start their own detailing business.

The Stark State College Automotive Detailing Elective courses are scheduled to run on selected Fridays throughout each semester, including the summer, and are a full day in length.