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Connection Central

Your resource connection (G106, Ext. 4152)
Connection Central
Find answers to your questions about
  • general College info
  • academic advising
  • tutoring services
  • basic computer skills
  • career planning
  • financial aid
  • scheduling an advising appointment


What is Connection Central?
Our office in G106 puts you in touch with the resources and support you need to be a successful student. We offer personalized support to help you navigate your college journey.

Can I just stop in?
Yes, an appointment is not needed. Stop by and see us, we’re here to help.


Can I get academic advising at Connection Central?
Academic advisors are available to meet with you, assess your overall academic skills and offer advice and strategies to help you maximize your learning potential.

Can I study in Connection Central?
Yes. Come on in - we have spaces set aside for quiet study (hours will be posted) as well as for study groups (reserve a space).

Can college clubs use the rooms?
Yes, just schedule a meeting time by calling 330-494-6170, Ext. 4237, email or visit S302a.