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Community Testimonials

"Education is the primary factor contributing to the quality of life, and we are fortunate to have many quality educational institutions in this area. Without an accessible institution like Stark State, many students could not begin their first step to their higher education goals. We are pleased to help Stark State College respond to the community's need for information technology education and training through our partnership in the W. R. Timken Center for Information Technology."

- W. J. Timken Jr.
Corporate Vice President The Timken Company

"When companies inquire about locating in Stark County, their first question is, 'How well-trained is your workforce?' Stark State College has been invaluable in providing technology training to businesses and individuals, Stark State is a key contributor to our community's economic well-being."

- Stephen L. Paquette
President, Stark Development Board

"One of the hallmarks of Stark State College is its ability to respond to community needs for a well-trained workforce. Steady enrollment growth, changing funding sources and the high cost of technology education jeopardizes the College's ability to keep pace and grow. Stark State needs community support to remain a key partner in our area's social and economic growth."

- Karen S. Belden
Former Trustee, Stark State College Board

"I am very proud of the skills I acquired at Stark State College. With a master's degree in psychology and 14 years of experience in military hospital administration, I found myself a civilian, with neither academic credentials in hospital administration nor a doctorate in psychology. I was unable to find work in these areas. Determined to begin a second career, I entered the associate degree program in nursing at Stark State. The superior training and experience I received at Stark State have enabled me to use my experience in military hospital administration, while using advanced training in psychology to meet the needs of a unique profession."

- Robert Chula Jr.
'94 Associate Degree Nursing, SSCT
'76 M.A. in Psychology, University of Akron
'74 B.A. in Psychology, University of Akron

"Because I worked while attending Stark State, I did not qualify for federal aid and only qualified for minimal state aid. With a family, it was difficult to find the extra money to pay for college. Without private scholarship assistance, I couldn't have completed my studies at Stark State. Most people going to college are doing so to better themselves financially, so when you're in that position, you really need to rely on private scholarship and tuition assistance to help reach those educational goals."

- Kim Mayberry
Records Manager - Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (Atlanta)
'95 A.A.B. in Records Information Management, SSCT
'96 B.A. in Business Management, Malone College

"Stark State College provided the degree program I needed, as well as a convenient location, excellent faculty and affordable tuition. These were important benefits for me as a student who juggled college, family and work. Thanks to Stark State, today I have a great career and lots of opportunity."

- Thomas Chiappini
Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer, Stark State College
'85 A.A.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, SSC
'88 B.S. in Industrial Technology, Kent State University
M.B.A., Ashland University