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Credit for Prior Qualifications

CLEP Credit by Examinations

The College will award comparable academic credit to registered students for successful completion of the College Entrance Examination Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP) general and subject-area examinations. Contact the Office of Admissions/Student Services at 330-966-5450 for additional information.

Credit by Examination (Proficiency Testing)

Students who can demonstrate ability and knowledge in a particular subject area may establish credit in certain courses without enrolling in them. This is done by taking a special examination or performing a special assignment, or both, through the appropriate department. An examination fee is assessed. No letter grade is given. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be taken by examination without prior approval of the Board of Trustees. Students may take the exam only once per course. Students enrolled in a course are not eligible to take a proficiency examination for the course after being enrolled for 20 calendar days or more for a regular term, and seven days or more for an eight-week term.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit can be awarded for demonstrated college-level learning. Students applying for credit:

  1. must provide documentation to support the learning,
  2. must have documentation evaluated by the appropriate college personnel, and
  3. will have this credit recorded on the student’s transcript after the student successfully completes 12 hours at Stark State College, if credit is awarded. Successful completion is defined as a “C” or better. Students wanting more information should contact the Office of Admissions/Student Services.

Advanced Placement

The College accepts credits earned while in high school as measured by the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program. Students must score a three or higher on a subject-area examination. Contact the Office of Admissions/Student Services at 330-966-5450 for additional information.