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Skills Needed for Online Learning

eStarkStateAre you prepared for online learning?
What skills do I need to take a Web course?
If you are interested in taking a Web course you should take the pre-screening orientation survey "Is Web Learning for me?" to see if you have the basic aptitude and skills to succeed in this type of course. The following aptitude and minimum computer skills are recommended for students taking Web courses. Students are responsible for assessing their own skill level. Your instructor will not be teaching these skills as part of the course. If you do not possess these skills, consider taking a computer literacy course offered at Stark State College.

Aptitude Check | Computer Skills | Email Skills | Web Browser Skills | Word Processor Skills

Aptitude Check
You should:

  • Be comfortable with a self-learning environment
  • Have good time management skills. You should be able to schedule your time effectively and to stay on task to complete assignments outside of class.
  • Be self-disciplined
  • Be self-reliant and self-motivated
  • Have the ability to read and follow written instructions


Computer Skills
You should be able to:

  • Locate a file on a hard drive, diskette and/or server
  • Save a file to a specific drive and folder
  • Delete a file
  • Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening any applications
  • Upload and download files


Email Skills
You should be able to:

  • Send an email message
  • Open an email message
  • Forward an email message
  • Save a message to a specific folder
  • Add a name to the address book
  • Paste text from a word processor into an email message
  • Send an attachment
  • Open and/or save an attachment


Web Browser Skills
You should be able to:

  • Go to a specific URL (Web page)
  • Print a page
  • Follow a hypertext link
  • Conduct a basic search using a search engine
  • Go back to the previous page


Word Processor Skills
You should be able to:

  • Open a new document
  • Open an existing document
  • Save a document
  • Cut text
  • Paste text
  • Format text
  • Print a document