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Student Government Officers


Sara Day

Major:  Criminal Justice - Corrections

Student Government President
Co-President for the Criminal Justice Student Association
past Treasurer, and current member of the Women of Color group
Vice President of the International Club
Native American Indian Organization (NAIO)

I currently am a full-time student, working hard to finish my degree. I spend a lot of my time working on homework, and working with the student organizations I am a part of. I also work at the Barberton Satellite as a student worker.  My mother and grandfather are my biggest supporters. They cheer me on with every new thing I try. I have such an awesome support group behind me, and I hope to be an awesome support group for the students and help them all in any way I can.

The first goal as your president is to ensure our students we do care about what happens around the campus and make sure the right people are listening to each and every one of you. We need to make sure some issues are addressed about how you feel the school is being run. I want to help create some real student ID badges. With all the issues going on in today’s crazy world, I would like us to have some ID badges that could help us. We need IDs to go to the testing centers for math and other classes. Not everyone carries his/her driver’s license, so a student ID would come in handy. I want to work hard to make this happen.

I am first and foremost a student. I want to see new things brought to Stark State. I would love to host some bigger campus events to get people involved. Bring in some outside voices that the students want to hear from. I want more activities that will get people involved and possibly network with the community.

Last but not least, I want our students to feel inspired to be a part of Stark State. I would like to have students who have been at the college for a while meet with new students and mentor them. I know when I first started at Stark State, I was so lost and confused. I had no friends and no idea what I was walking into. I would like to find students currently enrolled in the same degree fields to help new students.  This way they do not feel overwhelmed and can have someone else to talk to other then their advisors (which some people might not even know who that person would be).

In conclusion I hope you agree and look to the future. A vote for me would be a vote in everyone’s future. I pledge to all the students that I will do my very best to rise to the challenges you place before me and always have an open door for everyone. Thank you!


Vice President

James Thomas

Major:  HVAC Technology/Civil Engineering

Senator for the Student Government Association

My main focus would be to provide additional information on programs, activities, etc., so that students will have more of a “college campus” experience in hopes that it will endear them to their alma mater.  As the College grows, have the student body speak, treat and respect Stark State College as a college rather than a ‘commuter college.’



Corri Monaco

Major:  Criminal Justice - Corrections

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

I am currently not employed so that I may focus on my education. I am getting married later this spring to a wonderful man who has stepped up to help me raise my 10 year old daughter.  My extended family is scattered around the states, so I am able to put great attention into everything I do. I am very much looking forward to completing my degree and am very ready to go back into the workforce! Until then, this school is my extended family, and I would like to help take care of them in any way I can.
I would love for Student Government to be more active and out in the school. I want the students at the college to know that we are here to be their voice and they can approach us at any time, with questions comments and concerns.
With the position I would like to help the other student groups succeed. I want to be the voice for any new group. I will also do everything in my power to help implement Student ID’s with pictures.  
I will also help new students in any way I can to make them feel welcome to the campus. I want to be a good role model to all students’ future:  new, current or past.



Michael McNemar

Major:  Associate of Arts - General

Student Government Association Senator for the Liberal Arts Division
Treasurer of LGBTS Global

I am the older of two children and have a wonderful family to support me in my college career.  I have been at same job site for almost ten years now.  Which in my line of work is a feat in and of itself.  My goals for the Student Government would be to improve student participation and get more student groups involved in our functions.  I plan to make this office more organized and streamed lined on how things get done as Secretary.