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Overview of the Online Course Program for School Districts


  • Partner high schools can offer any online course that Stark State offers to their students
  • Online courses are taught by fully credentialed Stark State faculty eliminating the need of the high school to supply instructors that meet college credentialing standards
  • Online courses cut district costs by reducing the need for students to attend classes at Stark State’s main campus
  • There will be enough students to fill a class, because high school students from other school districts will take the online classes concurrently

Course Requirements

  • The school district provides students with computers and Internet access that meet these specifications
  • The school district will provide qualified high school teachers for student support
  • The student is responsible for gaining access to a computer and Internet that meet these specifications outside of normal class times
  • The district must use the recommended college text, syllabus, and course materials

Stark State’s Commitment

  • Stark State will provide fully credentialed college faculty to run the online course
  • The Stark State instructor will visit the high school for a face-to-face meeting with students up to two times per semester
  • Stark State will waive the processing fee

For more information about Stark State’s online program and how your district can become involved contact:

Dennis Trenger, Director of Academic Outreach
330-494-6170, Ext. 4343