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Directory - Faculty/Staff

Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Ext. Room Email
Abel Brenda Adjunct Instructor Communications, Humanities and Reading 330-494-6170 E209
Abu-Saleh Refaat Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 330-494-6170 4780 E209
Abueteen Nader Coordinator/Associate Professor of Engineering Technology Engineering Technologies 330-494-6170 4186 B215m
Adair Samuel Assistant Professor of Honda PACT Automotive Technology Automotive and Transportation Technology 330-494-6170 4728 A106l
Addison Marcia Director of Library Services Library 330-494-6170 5525 M341
Adkins Angela Assistant Professor of Sociology Social Sciences 330-494-6170 5255 E208m
Adkins Lori Student Success Coach Student Success Division 330-494-6170 5611 B230d
Ady Charles Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 330-494-6170 5492 T108a
Ahearn Kathleen Adjunct Instructor English Department 330-494-6170 5297 E209
Ailes Erin Adjunct Instructor Computer Science and Information Systems 330-494-6170 4997 C100
Airhart David Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 5618 E209
Alakiali Ghosoun Adjunct Instructor Information Security and Digital Media 330-494-6170 4989 C100
Albertson Deanna Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 5512 E209
Albrecht Frederick Instructor of Petroleum Oil and Gas Technologies 330-494-6170 5849 W200f
Albrecht Elizabeth Assistant Professor of Sciences Biology 330-494-6170 4012 E208h
Aldergate Hannah Adjunct Instructor English Department 330-494-6170 5057 E209
Alexander Frank Adjunct Instructor Management and Marketing 330-494-6170 M208
Allais Dan Campus Security Officer Security and Safety 330-494-6170 4994 S104
Allen Randy Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 330-494-6170 E209
Allen Mary Assistant Professor of Psychology Social Sciences 330-494-6170 4448 E230