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Student Accessibility Handbook

The purpose of the DSS Student Handbook is to provide students, faculty and others with information regarding the services available to those attending college who have a disability (permanent or temporary) that substantially limits one or more of their major life activities.

The mission of the Disability Support Services (DSS) is to ensure:

  1. All students can freely and actively participate in all facets of the College
  2. To provide and coordinate support services and programs in order to provide equal access to programs and services
  3. To increase the level of awareness among all members of the college community so that students are able to perform at a level limited only by their abilities not their disabilities.

The handbook also serves as a guideline to recommend protocols when individual concerns arise and is not intended to be an all-inclusive information guide. Disability Support Services welcomes any feedback regarding the clarity of the information provided as well as its usefulness. Please feel free to offer suggestions for future revisions of this handbook.

If you have any questions regarding SSC policies and procedures regarding persons with disabilities, please contact the Counselors for DSS.