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About eStarkState

About eStarkStateeStarkState has been offering online classes for more than ten years. For many reasons, students find the option of taking some or all of their classes online to be one of the advantages of a Stark State education. Online learning supports the college’s mission of providing students access to high quality learning at a time and place which are convenient.

eStarkState Philosophy

  • Stark State College believes that a significant component of technological competence is accessing the Internet, being able to assess the validity of information found there and using the Web as a learning tool. This ability is one of the core learning competencies the College assures in all graduates.
  • Stark State College also believes in providing a variety of pedagogical models to respond to student learning styles. Online learning is a modality that addresses a variety of learning styles by incorporating visual, audio and interactive learning objects along with the opportunity for continuous review.
  • Online learning furthers the College goal of increasing access to higher education. It affords the student the opportunity to learn with flexibility of time and place while maintaining access to faculty and other college services.