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eStarkState Orientation

eStarkState Orientation ImageIf you are using ANGEL please review the following document in order to familiarize yourself with ANGEL.

Web Students (W2, W3, W4) only:

You are joining over 4,000 Stark State College students participating in online classes.

Students enrolled in a Web 2, 3 or 4 course MUST complete the SUCCEEDING ONLINE ORIENTATION course in ANGEL. This orientation course includes an Online Student Agreement. The orientation and agreement must be completed before you will be permitted to enter your course(s). The orientation course and the agreement (which are packaged together in SUCCEDING ONLINE REQUIRED ORIENTATION course) will be available prior to the start of every semester.

You will NOT be able to access your Web 2, 3 or 4 courses until the online orientation has been completed. The orientation needs to be completed before you take your first online course.  Once you complete the orientation, you do not have to do it again.

To access the orientation, login to ANGEL and locate the course titled “SUCCEEDING ONLINE (ORIENTATION SPRING 2008)”. If you need assistance locating or completing the orientation, please contact the Help Desk ( or 330-494-6170, Ext. HELP - 4357).

Comments from our students:

 “ANGEL really simplifies the process. I’m very happy with my progress in online classes and also I am very comfortable in the online setting.”
– Kyle Balderson