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IT Training Grant Program Application

Please complete the form below to be considered for enrollment in the Stark State College Information Technology Training Grant Program.

If you are called for an interview, you MUST bring:

  • Social Security card
  • photo ID or driver’s license
  • letter of reference from a professional colleague or employer who can attest to your IT skills.
  • college transcript (if you have a degree or have taken college classes)
    high school transcript (if no college classes taken) - if applicable
  • proof of any IT certifications - if applicable

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are accepted into this training program, you must agree to attend classes, take the required certification exams and actively seek employment in the IT field. 

Thanks for your interest in this training opportunity.

Please list the last three places you have applied for a job and the month/year you applied.

This program offers training to help you find employment.

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