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Workshop Request Form

Our goal at the SSC Writing Center is to help as many students as possible. One way to do this en masse is to offer whole-class workshops that focus on universal writing issues.

Currently, we offer workshops on MLA Documentation, APA Documentation, Thesis Statement Development, Run-ons, Fragments, and Comma Splices, and Integrating Research. Please click here for a more detailed description and length of the workshops we offer.

Complete this form to request a presentation for your class or group. In order to fulfill your presentation request, we require at least a 2 week advance notice. (Requests submitted with less than a 2 week notice are subject to availability.)

Satellite class workshops can be given based on the availability of the Writing Center staff. Please note that you or a substitute instructor must be present during the workshop.

Since these workshops are synchronous, they are not offered to online students at this time. However, much of the workshop material can be found on our website at

If you have further questions or suggestions for additional workshops, please email the Writing Center at

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