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Foundation Board of Directors

The Stark State Foundation is committed to providing resources to help Stark State College accomplish its mission of providing accessible, quality associate degree programs, training and lifelong education in a diverse and supportive learning environment.

The Stark State Foundation exists to bridge the gap between the needs and resources of Stark State College.

The non-profit, tax exempt corporation was established in 1986 to raise funds to provide assistance to Stark State students who would like to enhance their lives through education and training. The Foundation supports the college in areas that are not supported by taxes, tuition, or grants.

2013-2014 Stark State College Foundation Board of Directors

George Lemon, President
Patty Wackerly, Vice President
Hortense Bobbitt, Secretary
Lisa Warburton-Gregory, Treasurer

Linda DeHoff
Sally Efremoff, Esq.
Betsy Engels
Monica Gwin
Alexander Hays IV
Randy Kreinbrink
Larry Lallo
William Lavery
John McGrath, Ed.D.
Pat Miller
Chris Remark
Ahmed Sabe, M.D.
Larry Smerglia
Perry Stergios, Esq.
Julia Strawder
Thomas Strouble
Michael Thomas, D.D.S.
Jeffery Walters, Esq.
John Westerbeck, M.D.
Ronald Wilkof
Michael Zerbe

William Luntz, Emeritus
Frank Weinstock, M.D., Emeritus