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Sustainability in the Curriculum

One of the primary functions of colleges and universities is to educate students. By training and educating future leaders, scholars, workers, and professionals, higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to prepare students to understand and address sustainability challenges. Within curriculum development, the challenge is to build environmental sustainability literacy, to raise awareness, and to identify the common threads upon which systems thinking can be built and related to the surrounding region.

Sustainability-Focused and Sustainability-Related Programs and Courses

Stark State is integrating and expanding sustainability-related and -focused courses and programs for both credit- and noncredit- seeking students across the curriculum.

Note:  Every attempt was made to make this list as comprehensive as possible, if there are other courses that should be included, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator. This list was compiled for a STARS report and so lists classes for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Sustainability in Continuing Education

The continuing education program provides additional opportunities to explore sustainability.  Courses span from Urban Agriculture to LEED training, Powered by Nature (for kids) to Green Cosmetics.

The Nimishillen Project

Stark State College provides opportunities for faculty to explore how sustainability impacts their discipline through local, regional and national workshops, a wide variety of resources and one-on-one consultation.  Nimishillen Project Mission Statement provide link to pdf

The Sustainability Across the Curriculum Faculty Workshop

Patterned after nationally successful workshops , this two-day event is designed to enhance faculty understanding and implementation of the principles of sustainability into the curriculum.  The workshop offered every spring for faculty of all disciplines from the greater Canton, Ohio region with generous support from the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation.

Workshop Description

Sustainability is a very broad concept that addresses today’s issues in ways that integrate social, economic and ecological concerns.  Educators from many disciplines have modified an existing course or developed new courses in ways that incorporate systems thinking and creativity.  Participants will hear from regional experts, enjoy outdoor place-based activities, and dialogue with faculty from around the region to uncover threads of sustainability within current curriculum and to explore ways to expand and integrate the knowledge and skill sets critical to sustainable thinking.  This workshop operates on the premise that faculty members are the experts in their own discipline. 

For information about the annual Nimishillen Project’s Sustainability Across the Curriculum Workshop, please visit the digital library under Sustainability and Curriculum or contact the Sustainability Coordinator.