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Greening Your Event

Any gathering, such as a meeting or conference, has negative environmental implications - arising for example from participants travelling to the meeting; heating and cooling the venue; the materials provided to participants; the catering for their meals and accommodation. They consume natural resources (energy, water), generate waste and cause local air and water pollution, and contribute to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.

Top 5 Checklist

  • Plan ahead! Communicate your waste reduction goals to all involved.
  • Go virtual! Utilize e-invitations, blogs, websites, or email for sending out invitations and information.
  • Buy local! Support area businesses when purchasing food and/or supplies.
  • Provide reusable items instead of one time use/disposable items for serving food, nametags & lanyards, decorations, signage, etc... If this is not possible, make sure items are easily recyclable AND be sure to include a request for recycling bins!
  • Print only upon request! If you must print, make sure to minimize margins, print double sided and use recycled content paper.

For More Information

“If it isn’t fun, it isn’t sustainable!”
Brian Hagenbuch, Hartwick College