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Liberal Arts Division

By its very nature, the Liberal Arts Division is multidisciplinary, offering courses that provide the foundation on which success in all the College’s degree and certificate programs ultimately relies. Nearly all the College’s students take coursework through the Liberal Arts Division, since most degree programs require credits in these areas of study. The division also offers courses that comprise the College’s transfer module and a number of other courses that are components of Ohio’s more specialized Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs).

The mission statement of Stark State College indicates that we are concerned with, among other things, preparing students for education beyond the associate degree; helping students acquire positive attitudes toward society, self and work; and fostering participative, intelligent and informed citizenship.

Our faculty support this mission by providing students with a foundation of knowledge in their respective disciplines and facilitating the development of students’ analytical abilities. Transferable knowledge and skills, which are essential for successful work performance, future growth and education, have a high priority. Our goal is to provide a platform for lifelong growth and development leading to higher levels of knowledge, skill and competency. Students are presented opportunities to develop skills for problem-solving and conflict resolution using language logically, critically and creatively.

Through the liberal arts curriculum, Stark State College addresses the whole person in terms of values, self-awareness and understanding. Self-awareness includes helping students to understand, use and present technical information. It focuses upon techniques of self-analysis and the skills needed to find work that our students can do well and enjoy. A high premium is placed upon developing effective interpersonal skills and the attitudes and abilities required to work purposefully and effectively with others.