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MLC Tutoring Appointment Schedule

This calendar is to view appointments only. 

To request an appointment:

o   Call 330-494-6170 ext. 4493 or 4642
o   Stop by E207
o   Email; Please include your name, your math course and your preferred appointment time in your message

To see what appointments are available:
o   Click on the “+20 more” link at the bottom of the date you want.  (or “+16 more” or whatever the number is)
o   The appointments are in half-hour blocks with tutor's name listed.
o   If there is an "X" in the front of a tutor’s name, that spot is taken.
o   If there is no X, that time is free. You can request it by using the contact information above.

·       Module students: These appointments are NOT for you to “work-and-ask” in My Labs Plus. If you make an appointment, please have specific topics or a test/quiz you want to go over. Most of your appointment should be spent offline. If you want to work-and-ask, you can use the big labs.
·         You can make up to two half-hour appointments per day.
·         If there are no appointments available, feel free to walk in. You will still be able to get help.