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Triple Major Finds Long-Term Love Match with Math

Owen Bryk

Math, according to Owen Bryk, is a relational subject, but it took him a while to fall head over heels in love with it.

Back in the U.S. after taking college classes in Hungary, the Suffield native was looking for a major and asked himself what was looking good for the future. “Electrical engineering seemed like it needed people and eventually I noticed there was a lot of math in my programs,” he said. “I never knew it before, but I found I really enjoy math. It’s fun. It makes sense. You’re allowed to ask ‘why?’”

Bryk graduated with triple degrees from Stark State in electrical, mechanical and design engineering technologies.

Married and holding down two full-time jobs during his schooling while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average, he had planned to go to The University of Akron for at least one bachelor's degree, but was snapped up by Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico right after his graduation.

Owen BrykHe also racked up plenty of teaching experience as a tutor in SSC’s math labs. His motto: No one should be afraid of math, but like any good relationship, it’s a connection that needs nurturing.

“I ask people why they don’t forget how to tie their shoes or how to eat or where they live and they say because they do it every day. I say, ‘How much math did you do today?’ and the answer is a few minutes or none. People don’t struggle with math because they’re not smart or they haven’t had it for 30 years or they’re ‘not a math person,’” Bryk said. “They’re just not giving the relationship the time it needs.”

That’s not an issue for this student’s romance with numbers. “Once I called math my own, I was a glutton for it,” he said. “If I’m not getting an A, I want to work harder to get the A, but it’s heaven for me.”


Nice Work

Wow, I'm glad I read this. I'm currently considering enrolling at SSC to pursue an associates degree in the Petroleum Technology-Production Technician program. But I do have an issue. I already have a bachelors degree in Economics and Development studies from a university here in Nigeria, but i'm currently considering a complete career change and was wondering if my university transcripts would suffice for registration, or if I would need to write an ACT or COMPASS test as there aren't any designated centers in Nigeria.

Good Luck Owen!

Hey Owen,

It was great to have taken classes with you, and I wish you the best of luck with your family and your future at Sandia. I was also considering Sandia, but I'm still not certain about the move to New Mexico, haha.

I am about to graduate with my Design and Mechanical Engineering degrees, perhaps our paths will cross again some day. Take care bud.


Congratulations Owen!!! I'm

Congratulations Owen!!! I'm really attempting to establish a good relationship with Math; I guess like any other relationship, you have to work at it everyday...The best to you and your family and may God continue to bless you....

Kenneth S. Lancaster

Future Engineer

I have a serious question. Why triple major in associates degrees if your goal is a phd? I see how mechanical and design engineering could be a double major, you only need like 5 extra DET classes and you have a second major. Why another 33 credits, maybe more, to triple major in electrical engineering technology? Your intent is to go to Akron University for a bachelors and beyond? Do the major courses for engineering "technology" transfer to the engineering courses at Akron? I think they will for the technology courses only. I am very confused. I am also attending Stark State (SSC) and transferring to Akron for engineering courses. I have taken no major courses because I was under the impression they do not transfer for anything other than technology courses. If you are planning on obtaining a phd, I doubt you will be taking technology courses at the university level. If that is the case, why spend so much time at SSC? I realize it is more cost effective to get all the general requirements for a bachelors degree at SSC. However, you have triple majored in classes that don't transfer. That would be the opposite of cost effective. You will have to take those courses over again? Maybe those courses aren't even for the engineering degrees at Akron? Am I missing something? Also, isn't it true that pell grant and federal loans are only given up to a certain amount of credits and then you have to pay out of pocket? I believe the cut off for engineering degrees is 136 credits? If you have 100 credits in associates degrees and need another 70 for a bachelors, there is no aid for the last 34 credit hours.

I hope to hear a response because I am also an engineering student.


RE: Future Engineer

We can't speak for Owen, but your advisor or the engineering department chair may be able to help you address your other questions.

Hey Owen, it's Alex Halterman from MBC!

Hey Owen, it's Alex Halterman from MBC!

I need help with math

can you help me with math?

What can I help you with?

What can I help you with?

He is there on Tuesday

He is there on Tuesday afternoon's.

Awesome tutor.

Awesome tutor.

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