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Outreach Programs

Academic and Community Outreach

Welcome to the Stark State College Academic and Community Outreach website. We intend through this site to provide information that will answer your questions regarding our outreach programs. If you would like additional information, please call Dennis Trenger, Director of Academic Outreach, at 330-494-6170 ext. 4343 or by email at

Our mission is to increase access to college for high school and adult learners. We are committed to building partnerships with our school districts, businesses, universities and community to increase college attendance and degree attainment rates.

Stark State College has developed key strategies to be a catalyst for economic growth in the communities that we serve. One strategy is to expand postsecondary education opportunities by offering programs that allow students to earn college credit before high school graduation. A second strategy is to increase access to transferable higher education through the development of satellite and outreach centers.

The college is committed to serve students of all ages where they live and work by offering the following outreach programs: