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Figuring Out What to Write

Student AssistanceGetting started 
Researching is a great way to discover new ideas and topics that you may not have previously thought about before. Think about newspaper articles you are drawn to, issues that you find in your favorite television shows or on the news, or topics you’ve written about in class journals.  These are all excellent places to start. 

Determining what you care about
One of the best ways to come up with a topic is to think about the things that you care about.  Ask yourself some of the following questions (taken from the SF Writer 4th ed. pp. 2-3):

  • What topics do you like to read about?
  • What you would like to learn more about?
  • What topics you would consider yourself knowledgeable about?
  • What do you like to argue about?
  • What issues do you see in your community?
  • What issues do you experience on a day to day basis?

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