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Construction Projects

  • Current Projects:

     Gateway Center

    Expected Completion: December 2015
    The Gateway Center project is an approximately 10,500 S.F. addition to the existing Business and Entrepreneurial Building (i.e. ‘M’ Building).  This addition will be a single story addition with a structural framing and foundation system designed to accommodate a future second floor.  The addition will house a main lobby, 39 offices, two administrative assistants work spaces, a computer testing room, a conference room, a presentation room, a storage room and office support spaces. 

     Alliance Satellite Center

    Expected Completion: July 2015
    Stark State College’s new Alliance Satellite Center will bring 4 locations under one 10,000 square foot building funded and constructed by Alliance Community Hospital (ACH). When Construction is complete (July 1, 2015) Stark State will begin leasing the building from ACH. The building will consist of three computer labs, three lecture classrooms, a multipurpose lab, five offices, restrooms, and a student lounge area. The new facility will allow us to offer courses that will allow for expanded opportunities for students in the area.

  • Completed Projects:

     Downtown Canton Satellite Center

    Completed: December 2014
    The Downtown Canton Satellite Center involves the renovation of an existing building located at 400 3rd. St. SE in downtown Canton. We will be renovating 19,264 sf on the first floor and 20,775 sf on the second floor to create 5 classrooms, 6 computer labs, a CDL training classroom/lab, a multipurpose lab for chemistry/biology. There will also be some administrative, faculty, and staff offices along with a student lounge and collaboration area. 

     Well-Site Training Center

    Completed: July 2014
    The new Stark State College Well Site Training Center will be located in downtown Canton at 234 Cherry Ave. SE, which is on the east side of Cherry Ave. between second and third streets. The indoor/outdoor lab will take the entire city block. The indoor portion will be housed in a new 6,808 square foot building that will contain one office, two restrooms, mechanical and equipment rooms, a valve lab and a large highbay training lab. 

     Mega Street Bridge

    Completed: December 2012
    At an estimated cost of 1.2 million dollars, students parking in the Mega/Frank lot will be able to access the bridge through a tower with a stairwell and elevator. They will be able to safely cross over Mega Street inside the bridge and enter into the second floor of the North Academic building

     Sustainable Energy Center

    Completed: September 2012
    At a cost of approximately $1.6 million, the 7,500 square foot addition of the Sustainable Energy Center on the north side of the existing Fuel Cell Center classroom will function as a multi-use facility providing 6,500 square feet of space for research and design for LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. and 1,043 square feet for fuel cell systems learning activities and a photovoltaic certification program as organized by the college.

     Timken Technology and Test Center

    Completed: November 2012
    The project is a joint venture between Stark State College and the Timken Company. It is a 15,991 square foot building that will cost approximately  $6.2 Million. The building will be located on the NE corner of the Frank and Shuffel intersection with its main entrance off of Frank Ave. The building will contain a high bay area with a special test machine that will be used to measure the durability of bearings up to 12 feet in diameter. These bearings will be used on wind turbines. There will also be some office space for the Timken Company on the first floor and a classroom, conference room, and restrooms on the second floor for Stark State College.

     Business and Entrepreneurial Center

    Completed: January 2012
    The Business and Entrepreneurial Center at Stark State College is 47,708 square feet and three stories tall. The building will provide additional classrooms, an 86-seat lecture hall, 3,300-square-foot atrium seating 285+, seven “business incubator” offices, a 24-seat adjunct faculty office, 51 full-time faculty offices and more.

     Math Emporium Model

    Completed: August 2011
    The renovation of the Arts and Sciences Building to allow for the implementation of the Math Emporium Model included converting 5,000 square feet into computer lab space to support the self-paced, tutoring-based, computer-aided Developmental Math Program. At a cost of approximately $450,000, eight classrooms were converted into a 1,170 square foot open lab space with 56 seats, a 2,680 square foot tutoring lab with 103 seats, and a 1,154 square foot testing lab with 48 seats. The previously undersized 1,065 square foot Math Lab was also converted into a 40 seat lecture space. To accommodate the increased mechanical load by the 200+ computers installed in the labs, the HVAC system was upgraded as well as improving the outdated ceilings and lighting in the corridors.

    Additionally, $50,000 was invested to provide satellite math lab accommodations at the Alliance, Carrollton and Timken White Building locations.

     North Academic Building

    Completed: August 2011
    Located on the north side of the Health Sciences Building is a 43,174 square feet, two story facility. The building will hold eight classrooms, eight computer labs, hydraulics, concrete and surveying labs, nine offices and a nursing mothers’ room.

     Corporate Services Continuing Education Center

    Completed: November 2010
    The center is located at 339 E. Maple St., Suite 120 of the former Hoover Company building in North Canton. The 17,000 square-foot building will include, four classrooms, a conference room, two computer labs, a student lounge, a PLC classroom and labs for computer numerical control, electric and programmable logic controller, and hydraulics and steam classes.

     H Building Renovation

    Completed: November 2009
    The renovation of the H building is about 28,000 sq. ft. at a cost of approximately $2 million that will house a new biology lab, chemistry lab, microbiology lab, and SEE/environmental lab. The existing chemistry, occupational therapy, and microbiology labs along with the faculty/staff office area will be refurbished. Renovations include new carpet, ceilings, lights, and paint throughout the building. The area will house six general classrooms and a computational science classroom. A small student study area will also be located at the east end of the building. The project will be completed in two-phases with the first phase scheduled for completion August 14 and the second phase expected to be completed by the end of November.

     Health Sciences Building

    Completed Fall 2009
    A $9 million Health Sciences Building at Stark State College will help to address the need for educated workers in high-growth, high-demand health fields. The 48,092 square foot building will provide additional classrooms and instructional laboratories for Stark State’s 12 associate degrees and five one-year certificates in health technology and biotechnology.

     Mega/Frank Parking Lot Expansion

    Completed: August 2007
    To meet the needs of our growing student body, Stark State College is expanding the current Mega/Frank parking lot from 293 parking spaces to 611. This will also help with parking allocation during the construction of the new health technology building, when more than 150 parking spaces will be lost.

     Arts and Sciences Building

    Completed: April 2007
    In response to our continued record growth, and in order to house all general studies faculty in the same area, Stark State is constructing an Arts and Sciences Building. The $2.2 million building is located on the north side of campus and will provide approximately 11,000 square feet for 43 faculty offices. The building will initially be one-story, but is being built to provide for expansion to a second story in the future.

     ATC Parking Lot Expansion

    Completed: December 2006
    To continue to meet the needs of our expanding enrollment and the increased use of the Advanced Technology Center for credit courses, Stark State College has opened a new parking lot generating 150 additional parking spaces.

     Fuel Cell Prototyping Center

    Completed Fall 2006
    The College was awarded $3.35 million in state Third Frontier funds to construct a Fuel Cell Prototyping Center for fuel cell development on the campus. Of the total funds, $2 million is from a Wright Capital Project Fund grant and the remaining $1.35 million is part of an $18 million Wright Center of Innovation grant recently received for the Wright Fuel Cell Group, an effort directed by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, a world leader in fuel cell research.

     Stark State Auditorium Renovation

    Completed: January 2006
    A major gift from the Fred F. Silk Foundation enabled the renovation of the Stark State College Auditorium into a state-of-the-art meeting room, classroom and community room.

    The new Silk Auditorium is regularly used by Stark State's nursing classes as well as other large lecture classes. In addition, it continues to serve as a venue for College and community events.