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Custodial Services

 Scope of Services

Provide cleaning services for our main facility and select satellite centers, recycling (paper and plastics), equipment and furniture moves*, and set-ups for campus events*.

* by Work Order Request only

Hours of operation:

11 p.m. - 7:30 a.m.


Val MayleCustodial Supervisor

  • Val Mayle
    330-494-6170 ext. 4946
    Room #: B119b

Larry RegulaAssistant Custodial Supervisor

FT Midnight CustodiansFT Midnight Custodians

  • Mark Conner
  • Brian Galant
  • David Heilman
  • Chad Himes
  • Maggie Howell
  • Denny Jones
  • Jarvis Mack
  • Margie Maier
  • Kelly Mansfield
  • John Popovich
  • Lorainne Pratt
  • Paula Schumacher

PT Midnight CustodiansPT Midnight Custodian

  • Gary Archambault
  • Ken Baker
  • Mark Barnard
  • John Boyland
  • Jeff Burga
  • Robert Harris
  • Mark Hendrickson
  • Kortney Jones
  • Chris Lanzo
  • Steve Maurer
  • Joe Singlton

 Green Housekeeping

Many conventional cleaning products are made up of a wide variety of hazardous chemicals that have been shown to contribute to various illnesses including asthma and cancer. At Stark State College, the Physical Plant department has worked hard to eliminate these chemicals in favor of what’s widely known as “green cleaning,” cleaning with products and practices that are environmentally responsible and promote good indoor air quality.

Our goal is to reduce exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that adversely impact air quality, occupant well-being, and the environment.

By combining the use of non toxic cleaners that do not emit hazardous chemicals into the air with high-performance equipment such as high efficiency filtration vacuum cleaners, microfiber mops and cloths, walk-off mats at entrance points, we can significantly reduce the amount of pollutants brought into the building and thereby improve the indoor air quality for all of our building occupants.

Various studies show that at least two thirds of the dirt and dust in buildings is typically tracked in from outside and it often contains lead, asbestos, pesticides, organic matters, and other harmful substances. Walk off mats trap a significant portion of the dirt before it can be tracked around the buildings improving the indoor environment, reducing the cleaning time and increasing the life of adjacent flooring materials.

 Furniture Move or Room Set-Up Requests

Furniture move or room set-up requests can be completed by submitting a maintenance work order. Click here to submit a maintenance work order request.