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RecycleManiaWhat is RecycleMania?

RecycleMania is the college and university recycling competition that’s sweeping the nation! During the 8-week competition, more than 600 campuses compete in different contests to see which institution can collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita and have the highest recycling rate.

What Can I Do To Help Compete?

During the RecycleMania competition, keep doing as you normally do by recycling as much as possible! Check back on our website to see how we’re doing - click here

National RecycleMania Competition 2013 Results


Stark State College

Grand Champion

16th place!

Per Capita Classic

47th place
23.39 lbs/person


89th place
215,026 lbs

Waste Minimization

69th place
34.83 lbs/person

Bottles & Cans

100th place!
0.75 lbs/person

Amongst more than 500 schools competing,

Stark State College finished 16th overall for Grand Champion!!!

According to the official results posted at (, Stark State's recycling rate was 67% with more than 23 cumulative lbs of recycled material per person.:

Cumulative GHG Reductions:

  • 521 Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent, or
  • 102 cars off the road, or
  • the energy consumption of 45 households

National RecycleMania Competition Schedule

Dates: Feb 4 - March 30

Facebook Trivia Contest

Dates: Feb 4 - March 30
Description: A daily Facebook trivia contest promoting waste prevention and recycling. The person who posts the correct answer first wins the daily contest. Prizes have been donated from the SSC Sustainability Task Force and local merchants. For more information, please contact Kristie Siders at

Plastic: a Part of Our Everyday Lives… a visual installation

Dates: Feb 4 – March 30
Description: Installations throughout the Main Campus. 

Interoffice Recycling Competition

Who? Office Area vs. Office Area
When? Feb. 4 – March 8
Questions? Contact Cherie Barth at 

RecycleMania Mascots Descend on Stark State

Dates: Feb 18 - 22
Get caught by a mascot being “Green” and win a prize!

Cereal Box Notebook Sale

Sale Dates: March 4-8 in the Cafeteria, Atrium and C Building Lobby
Cost: $2.00 at the table, $2.50 in the College Store
Description: Flattened cereal boxes and paper that has been thrown into the recycling bins unite to create cool reused paper notebooks.

RecycleMania Scavenger Hunt

Dates: March 18 - 22
Collect fast facts from the mascots. Turn in your answers to B215 to be entered into a drawing for local gift certificates.

Green Sale in the College Store

Dates: March 18 – 29.
Environmentally Preferred and Green Products will be featured and 20% off in the College Store. Free reusable bags available in the College Store with any purchase while supplies last.

2012 Results


Stark State College

Grand Champion

10th place!

Per Capita Classic

27th place
32 lbs/person


65th place
259,654 lbs

Waste Minimization

114th place
47 lbs/person


3rd place!
24.79 lbs/person

Bottles & Cans

11th place!
7.22 lbs/person

Amongst more than 600 schools,

Cumulative GHG Reductions:

  • 205 Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent, or
  • 109 cars off the road, or
  • the energy consumption of 54 households