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Respiratory Care - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I work while I’m in the program?
    Students are strongly discouraged from working full time. Students must be able to maintain flexible hours. Clinical experiences consist of two or three eight-hour days per week.
  2. Is there an evening program track?
    Currently there is only a day program.
  3. What days of the week are classes?
    Schedules vary with each semester, often requiring attendance five days per week. Clinical experiences can be held on day or evening shifts.
  4. Is there a waiting list for entrance into the program?
    Twenty four students are admitted the fall semester of each year. Therefore, there is a wait period before students can register for the respiratory care classes. While waiting, students may take the non-technical classes listed in the curriculum.
  5. Are there additional costs outside of tuition, books and other college fees?
    Additional program costs may total approximately $2,200 or more.