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Programs by Career Field


Media Arts Pathway

  • Alliance High School-Broadcast Arts
  • GlenOak High School-Commercial Photography
  • Timken Senior High School-Broadcast Media

Visual Design and Imaging Pathway

  • Buchtel High School-Graphic Arts
  • Canton South High School-Graphic Design
  • RG Drage CTC-Graphic Communications
  • Buckeye Career Center-Graphic Arts
  • Garfield High School-Graphic Arts
  • Kenmore High School-Commercial Arts
  • Columbiana Career Center-Visual Design and Imaging
  • Mahoning County CTC-Interactive Multimedia  
  • Maplewood Career Center-Graphic Communications
  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Visual Design and Imaging
  • Trumbull County Career Center-Visual Design and Imaging
  • Wayne County JVSD-Printing Technologies


Administrative and Professional Support Pathway

  • Buchtel High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • East High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • Ellet High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • Firestone High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • Garfield High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • GlenOak High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • McKinley High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • North High School-Administrative Office Technology
  • Barberton High School-Cooperative Business Education
  • Maplewood Career Center-Computerized Business Tech
  • Portage Lakes Career Center/Green High School-Cooperative Business Education
  • Portage Lakes Career Center/Springfield High School-Cooperative Business Education
  • Trumbull County Career Center-Business Office Systems

Business Management Pathway

  • Hoover High School-Business Management
  • Jackson High School-Business Management
  • Massillon High School-Business Administration and Management
  • Barberton High School-Business Management
  • Choffin Career and Technical Center-Business Management
  • Cuyahoga Falls High School-Business Management
  • Copley High School-Business Management
  • Dalton High School-Business Management
  • Kent Roosevelt High School-Business Management
  • Ravenna High School-Business Management
  • Stow High School-Business Management
  • Tallmadge High School-Business Management
  • Wayne County Career Center-Business and Marketing Technologies

Legal Management and Support Pathway

  • GlenOak High School-Legal Studies
  • Lake High School-Legal Studies

Medical Management and Support Pathway

  • Massillon High School-Medical Office Technology
  • RG Drage CTC-Administrative Medical Assistant


Information Support and Services Pathway

  • Alliance High School-Information Technology
  • Buchtel High School-ITSS
  • Canton South High School-Information Systems and Support
  • Garfield High School-ITSS
  • Mahoning County Career Center-IT Support Services
  • Trumbull County Career Center-Information Technology

Interactive Media Pathway

  • Alliance High School-Interactive Media
  • Ellet High School-IT Multi Media
  • Firestone High School-IT Interactive Media
  • GlenOak High School-Animation and Graphic Design
  • GlenOak High School-Light and Sound Technology
  • GlenOak High School-Video Production
  • Hoover High School-Interactive Media and Graphics Design
  • Hoover High School-Video Production
  • Lake High School-Interactive Media
  • Massillon High School-Media Design and Production
  • Ellet High School-Interactive Media
  • Firestone High School-Interactive Media
  • Trumbull County Career Center-Interactive Multimedia
  • Wadsworth High School-Interactive Media
  • Wayne County Career Center-Interactive Media

Network Systems Pathway

  • East High School-IT Networking
  • Hoover High School-Networking
  • Jackson High School-CISCO Networking
  • RG Drage CTC-CISCO Computer Networking
  • Barberton High School-CISCO A+
  • Buckeye County Career Center-Computer Technical Prep
  • Columbiana County Career Center-Information Technology Academy
  • Cuyahoga Falls High School-A+ Hardware and Microsoft Academy with Networking
  • Maplewood Career Center-Information Technology
  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Network Computer Technology
  • Wayne County Career Center-IT Networking

Programming and Software Development

  • Canton South High School-Programming and Software Development
  • Kenmore High School-Programming and Software Development
  • Timken High School-Video Game Programming
  • Mahoning County Career Center-IT Programming
  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Programming and Software Development
  • Wadsworth High School-Web Programming and Design


High School of Business Pathway

  • Canton South High School-High School of Business
  • East Canton High School-High School of Business
  • Ellet High School-Business Management Strategies
  • Perry High School-High School of Business
  • Sandy Valley High School-High School of Business

Marketing Communications Pathway

  • GlenOak High School-E-Commerce
  • Lake High School-Marketing Tech Prep
  • Massillon High School-Marketing E-Commerce
  • Cuyahoga Falls High School-Interactive Media/Digital Design
  • Trumbull County Career Center-Marketing

Marketing Management Pathway

  • Buchtel High School-Marketing Management
  • East High School-Marketing Management
  • Ellet High School-Marketing Management
  • Firestone High School-Marketing Management
  • Garfield High School-Marketing Management
  • Jackson High School-Marketing Management
  • Kenmore High School-Marketing Management
  • North High School-Marketing Management
  • RG Drage CTC/Louisville High School-Marketing
  • Austintown Fitch High School-Marketing Management
  • Barberton High School-Marketing Management
  • Copley High School-Marketing Management
  • Cuyahoga Falls High School-Marketing Management
  • Kent Roosevelt High School-Marketing Management
  • Maplewood Career Center-Business Management
  • Portage Lakes Career Center/Coventry High School-Marketing Management
  • Portage Lakes Career Center/Springfield High School-Marketing Management
  • Stow High School-International Business and Marketing Institute
  • Tallmadge High School-Marketing Management
  • Wadsworth High School-Marketing Management


Auto Collision Repair Pathway

  • Alliance High School-Auto Body
  • Garfield High School-Auto Collision
  • Hoover High School-Auto Body
  • RG Drage CTC-Auto Collision Technology
  • Timken Senior High School
  • Ashland West Holmes CTC-Auto Body
  • Buckeye County Career Center-Auto Collision Technology
  • Columbiana County Career Center-Auto Collision Technology
  • Garfield High School-Auto Body
  • Knox County Career Center-Collision
  • Madison Comprehensive High School- Auto Body
  • Maplewood Career Center-Auto Collision Technology
  • Pioneer CTC-Collision Repair Technology
  • Trumbull CTC-Auto Collision Technology
  • Woodridge High School-Collision Repair and Automotive Refinishing

Auto Technology Pathway

  • Alliance High School-Auto Technology
  • Canton South High School-Automotive Technologies
  • Buchtel High School-Auto Technology
  • East High School-Auto Technology
  • Ellet High School-Auto Technology
  • GlenOak High School-Automotive Technologies
  • Jackson High School-Automotive Technologies
  • Massillon Washington High School-Auto Technology
  • RG Drage CTC-Auto Service Technology
  • Timken High School-Automotive Technologies
  • Akron Buchtel –Automotive Technology
  • Akron East-Auto Technology
  • Akron Ellet-Auto Technology
  • Ashland County West Holmes-Automotive Technology
  • Buckeye Career Center-Auto Technology
  • Choffin Career and Technical Career Center-Auto Tech
  • Cuyahoga Falls-Automotive Technologies
  • Columbiana County CTC-Auto Technology
  • Hudson High School-Automotive Technologies
  • Knox County-Automotive Technologies
  • Mahoning County Career Center-Auto Technology
  • Madison-Auto Technology
  • Mansfield-Auto Technology
  • Maplewood Career Center-Auto Service Technology
  • Pioneer CTC-Automotive Technologies
  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Automotive Technology
  • Trumbull-Auto Service Technology
  • Wadsworth High School-Automotive Technology
  • Wayne County Career Center-Automotive Technologies

Medium/Heavy Truck Technician Pathway

  • RG Drage CTC-Heavy Truck/Diesel Technology
  • Buckeye Career Center-Commercial Truck Technology
  • Pioneer CTC-Industrial Diesel
  • Wayne County Career Center-Truck Mechanics

Power Equipment Technology Pathway

  • Buckeye Career Center-Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Maplewood Career Center-Power Equipment Technology
  • Pioneer Career and Technical Center-Pioneer Power Mechanics


Biomedical Science

  • Canton South High School-Biomedical Science Technology – PLTW
  • Hoover High School-Biomedical Science

Engineering Science

  • Canton South High School-Engineering Science – PLTW (CIM)
  • Hoover High School-Engineering Science -Pre-Engineering Technology PLTW
  • McKinley High School-Engineering Science – PLTW
  • Perry High School-Engineering – PLTW (Civil Eng and Architecture)
  • Timken High School-Engineering Science – PLTW (Civil Eng and Architecture)

Engineering Technology

  • GlenOak High School-Engineering


Welding and Cutting

  • Alliance High School-Welding
  • Canton South High School-Metal Fabrication/Welding
  • RG Drage CTC-Metal Fabrication
  • Timken High School-Welding Technologies

Manufacturing Design and Development

  • Hoover High School-Architecture
  • Massillon Washington High School-Manufacturing

Precision Machining

  • RG Drage CTC-Precision Machining Technology
  • Massillon Washington High School-Manufacturing Production   


Clinical Health Care Services

  • Jackson High School-Clinical Health Care Services

Exercise Science/Sports and Recreation Healthcare

  • Alliance High School-Health Science Technology
  • Canton South High School-Sports Medicine
  • Massillon Washington High School-Exercise Science
  • RG Drage CTC (Housed at Louisville High School)-Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Pathway

  • GlenOak High School-Health Technologies
  • Lake High School-Health Tech Prep
  • Massillon Washington High School-Nursing
  • Perry High School-Medical Science Technology

Nurse Assisting

  • Hoover High School-Medical Technologies

Pharmacy Technician

  • Massillon Washington High School-Pharmacy

Practical Nursing

  • GlenOak High School-Advancement to Nursing

Patient Care Technician

  • RG Drage CTD-Health Technologies
  • Timken High School-Nurse Tech

Dental Assistant

  • Cuyahoga Valley Career Center-Dental Assisting
  • Maplewood Career Center-Dental Assisting
  • North High School-Dental Assisting
  • RG Drage CTC-Dental Assisting/Hygienist
  • Wayne County Schools Career Center-Dental Assisting

Health Information Management

  • Timken High School-Allied Health


Culinary and Food Services Operations

  • Canton South High School-Culinary
  • Hoover High School-Culinary
  • Jackson High School-Culinary
  • RG Drage CTC-Culinary
  • RG Drage CTC-Culinary/Bakery
  • Timken High School-Culinary



  • Alliance High School-Cosmetology
  • GlenOak High School-Cosmetology
  • Massillon Washington High School-Cosmetology
  • Perry High School-Cosmetology
  • RG Drage CTC-Cosmetology
  • Timken High School-Cosmetology


Firefighter Training

  • GlenOak High School-EMT/Fire Science-Basic Emergencies

Criminal Science Technology

  • Timken High School-Public Safety/Criminal Science


Building and Property Maintenance

  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Building Trades


  • Alliance High School-Construction Trades

Building Technology

  • GlenOak High School-Construction Trades
  • Hoover High School-Construction Trades
  • Jackson High School-Construction  Technologies
  • Marlington High School-Construction Technologies
  • Massillon Washington High School-Construction
  • Perry High School-Building Trades
  • RG Drage CTC-Building Construction Technology
  • Timken High School-Building Technologies

Electrical Trade

  • Portage Lakes Career Center-Electrical Technology

Environmental Control Technologies

  • RG Drage CTC-HVAC/R


Teaching Professions

  • Hoover High School-Teaching Professions
  • Massillon Washington High School-Teaching Professions
  • GlenOak High School-Teacher Pathways
  • Perry High School-Teacher Academy

Early Childhood Education

  • RG Drage CTC-Early Childhood Education
  • Timken High School-Early Childhood Education

Agricultural and Environmental Systems

  • Jackson High School-Turf and Greenhouse Management
  • GlenOak High School-Horticulture
  • Marlington High School-Horticulture and Landscape Design
  • Marlington High School-Natural Resources Management
  • RG Drage CTC-Animal Science and Management/Pre-Veterinary Technology
  • RG Drage CTC (housed at Minerva High School) Agricultural Science



  • Marlington High School-Accounting/Finance
  • Massillon Washington High School- Accounting

Financial Services

  • Timken High School-Financial Management and Operations