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AQIP action projects

Completed action projects

General responsibilities of the AQIP project teams

  • Follow the seven step process of continuous quality improvement for each AQIP action project
  • Provide monthly updates to the AQIP liaison
  • Assist the AQIP liaison with the annual action project report

Questions to assist in identifying action projects

  1. How ready are we to adapt to an evolving higher education market?
  2. Where are we falling short in meeting students’ needs?
  3. Where are we behind our competitors?
  4. What new needs are surfacing that affects our students and other stakeholders?
  5. What stands between us and the accomplishment of our strategic goals?
  6. What new resource or capabilities must we acquire to implement our long-range strategies?
  7. How can we project the image we want?
  8. What new programs, services, locations, or other capabilities will provide better value to our students and other stakeholders?
  9. What major delays slow down our processes?
  10. Where is there a high volume of failures, withdrawals, or courses that must be retaken?
  11. Where are the costs of poor quality (e.g., waste, rework) increasing?
  12. What concerns or ideas have faculty or staff consistently rose?
  13. What complaints have we been hearing repeatedly?
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