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AQIP systems portfolio

Stark State AQIP systems portfolio composition process

The Systems Portfolio is the Stark State’s accreditation document that exemplifies how the Criteria for Accreditation are being met through the discussion and demonstration of our processes, results, and improvements as we strive for continuous improvement of the institution. Stark State utilizes a collaborative approach for composing the Systems Portfolio, the process of which is described below.

General responsibilities of the systems portfolio teams

  • Understand and interpret the purpose of the six AQIP categories, the five Criteria for Accreditation, Assumed Practices, and the Systems Portfolio
  • Conduct the gathering of all data needed to provide a thorough examination and evaluation according to the AQIP category
  • Assist with writing their respective sections of the Systems Portfolio report
  • Make recommendations for ongoing action projects based on their findings while writing the Systems Portfolio
  • Promote College and community awareness, interest, and involvement in the AQIP process
  • Serve as resource persons during the quality assurance visit
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