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dental practice coordination

Dental practice coordination

Triage patient care on many levels

As the liaison between the patient and the dentist, a dental practice coordinator is a high-profile position.

You’ll serve as an advocate and educator, working closely with the doctor to ensure the dental patient understands the treatment and why it is needed, then coordinate the treatment plan to work for both the patient and the dental office.

You’ll also coordinate financial resources and/or insurance requirements and billing practices, as well as greet patients, schedule appointments, answer phones and other dental office responsibilities.

Day-to-day responsibilities include

  • outlining dental options for clients
  • interacting regularly with the dentist
  • providing payment plans for patients
  • answering phone calls or emails from patients with questions about treatments.

In this role, organization, exceptional communication skills, a positive attitude, consistent follow-through and the ability to multi-task are keys to your success.

Your pathway to a degree

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