Intensive Sustainable Agriculture Certificate

Stark State’s new certificate in intensive sustainable agriculture provides competence in the rapidly growing sustainable agriculture and horticulture industry in Ohio and across the U.S.

You’ll focus on intensive, small-scale systems particularly suited to urban locations, schoolyards, restaurants or other non-traditional agricultural production settings, and you’ll be able to design, plan and operate a small-scale intensive and sustainable crop production system.

Take a look if you’re

  • wanting to own and operate a small market-garden or micro-farm business
  • seeking employment in horticulture or landscape professions
  • a teacher interested in implementing K-12 “garden-to-classroom” programs
  • a culinary professional who want to add food production to their employable skill set
  • an institutional nutrition specialist adding continuing education credit
  • a horticultural professional who looking for specific training in sustainable/organic production methods.

The certificate features three core courses providing comprehensive training in

  • soil, water and fertility management for sustainable crop production
  • plant propagation methods
  • sustainable growing systems planning and design
  • pest management in sustainable systems
  • protected (multi-season) and non-soil growing systems
  • advanced growing system design (polyculture and permaculture)
  • integrated crop and livestock production systems
  • food safety as it applies to production systems.

The intensive sustainable agriculture certificate also can enhance the value of an associate degree, including culinary arts, education and early childhood development.