Stark State College accepting applications for IT scholarships

(North Canton, OH – June 30, 2015) – Stark State College is now accepting applications for the Fortisure Foundation Scholarship, available to information technology or engineering technology majors.
Students must be recent high school graduates with an ACT score of 25 or COMPASS test scores of 80 for writing, 90 for reading and 70 for math OR recent military veterans OR have some college experience.

For more information: 330-494-6170, Ext. 4301 or

Americans View Quality of Two-Year, Four-Year Colleges Similarly – Gallup

by Justin McCarthy – Gallup – June 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans are about as likely to rate the quality of education that community colleges offer as “excellent” or “good” (66%) as they are to rate four-year colleges this positively (70%). Americans are about half as likely to rate the quality of Internet-based college programs — those offering online-only courses — as excellent or good (36%).

What’s wrong with going to a community college? How two-year colleges can be better than four-year universities – The Washington Post

by Jeffrey J. Selingo – The Washington Post – June 29 at 12:01 PM

The United States is largely segregated along education lines. Those who went to college usually know mostly other people who went to college, so they tend to think their experience is universal. Yet only three in ten Americans age 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree.

Too often and for too many Americans, the word “college” means a four-year degree. The two-year degree gets a bad rap, and so do the community colleges that offer them.

Stark State College offering scholarships for Summit residents

(North Canton, OH – June 23, 2015) – Stark State College is taking applications from Summit County students for the GAR Foundation Endowed Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to traditional or nontraditional students, both full- and part-time. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.6 and reside in Summit County.

For more information: 330-494-6170, ext. 4301 or

Stark State announces spring 2015 president’s and dean’s lists

(North Canton, OH – June 18, 2015) – Stark State College has announced the spring 2015 president’s list and dean’s list.

To be eligible for the president’s list, students must earn a 4.0 GPA during the semester. To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must earn a 3.5 GPA for the semester.

Full-time students are those who have completed 12 or more credit hours during the semester while part-time students are those who have earned at least six but fewer than 12 credit hours for the semester.

Stark State College’s Hannon earns Ohio leadership award

Kristen Hannon(North Canton, OH – June 11, 2015) – Kristin C. Hannon, director of career development at Stark State College, is the recipient of the 2015 OCDA Bob Windle Leadership Career Award from the Ohio Career Development Association.

IT major glad he’s ‘not crushed by debt’

David Jones“I wanted a degree that matters,” David Jones said, “but I also wanted to avoid burying myself in debt. I knew Stark State was a good school and an inexpensive alternative to a university.”