Career Enhancement Certificates

Career enhancement certificates are short-term credit-bearing certificates designed to help students optimize their current employment as well as expand future employment opportunities. Participation in these programs allows the student to:

  • broaden current work skills
  • develop new work skills
  • certify proficiencies
  • earn college credit toward a degree

Students do not need to be enrolled in a degree program; however, many of these certificates can be combined, or “stacked,” leading to a one-year certificate, an associate degree or beyond.

Career enhancement certificates are perfect for students who need to develop specific sets of skills to qualify for or improve their performance in a given career setting. These certificates verify proficiency in a variety of knowledge areas.

These courses are offered on campus; however, on-site training is available for companies and can be tailored to meet their needs.

To apply for these career enhancement certificates, please contact the department chair of the appropriate department by calling 330-494-6170.

Career Enhancement Certificates by Academic Area

Business Management

Applied Industrial Technology

Automotive and Transportation Technology

Civil Engineering Technology

Design Engineering Technology

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology

Environmental, Health and Safety Technology

Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Oil and Gas Technology

Updated: 4/20/16