Browser Support for Flash-based Files

Spring semester has brought a challenge with flash-based files and videos, many of these items are not loading properly for students.

From a technical standpoint, we have no control over this. The browsers have opted to stop supporting flash-based content. It’s not a Blackboard decision and we cannot make any adjustments to make files work.  

Recommended Solutions:

The best solution is to check the video source to see if they have updated their files. YouTube and Ensemble have both made the changes needed. You would want to use the new embed code and replace the existing coding that is in Blackboard.

Other files such as animations:
We are aware that the majority of these file were supplied by publishers. We suggest checking the instructor resources for your book to see if they have included any new resources that you can use. We’ve seen a lot of publishers create platforms with updated interactive content. Your book rep is a great resource if you need assistance locating these materials.